I’m Tactical Brick, and I’m bad at games…

Which is unfortunate because I love games. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years now, working my way up from the NES of my childhood to the modern world of PC gaming.

I’ve amassed over 1000 unique titles across 5 systems and I hope that I can work through this backlog and share my experience along the way. I’ve got no plans for greatness, this is more of a public journaling exercise to do some writing and chronicle a journey I’ve wanted to take for a while now.

Some background…

What kind of name is Tactical Brick?

I’ve been a lot of different names over the last decade and a half of online gaming, but during my brief period with Rocket League I was given the name Tactical Brick because I was the team enforcer. It was given to me in the same manner that the announcer would alert Modern Warfare players of an incoming tactical nuke, and since then has stuck.

What do you play?

I’ve always been in to a mixed bag of games. I grew up with platformers, driving games, flying simulators, and dreams of open world games. Some of my favorite titles reside on the original Playstation, but my real passions are on PC. Halo, Battlefield, Minecraft, Skyrim, Black Desert, Microsoft Flight Sim, Elite Dangerous, Euro and American Truck Driver, Splitgate, The Room Series, Myst, Portal, Planetside 2, Super Mega Baseball, Blade and Sorcery.

My top five games of all time are as follows.

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Chrono Cross
  3. Star Wars: Dark Forces
  4. Spyro 2
  5. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

Is this all you do is play videogames?

Definitely not! I wish I had more time to play, to be honest. I am a husband and a dad first, and when I’m not being a family man or working full time I’m wrapped up in DIY projects, lost in creative projects, or reading. Gaming has always been a passion, but from it I have also been inspired to enjoy a lot of other creative outlets. This is just the hobby that is most consistent!